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1. QUALITY: our “high touch” approach in an overly transactional market means we are able to identify and attract the top 5% of talent that is unavailable via other search methods. As a niche boutique, we work with a limited number of clients, this ensures we have very few ‘no-poach agreements’, resulting in a larger talent pool for our clients

2. SPEED-TO-HIRE: many of our searches have been delivered within an accelerated 4 -week search program, from agreeing T&C’s to a candidate’s written acceptance. We anticipate potential obstacles and remove friction in the search process, thus ensuring a smooth delivery whilst expediting results

3. BETTER DECISIONS: our knowledge across various sectors provides you with market intelligence, as well as candidates outside your immediate industry with transferable skills

4. SUCCESS: your desired outcome is the foundation of each mandate. Our agility, expertise, and ability to challenge the norm means we deliver the best outcome possible for each search.

Image by Joshua Sortino
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